"Playable" Species

By the will of the Dragons the first people arose to protect the Worlds from the corruption of the Dark in the absence of their creators. After the dragons fell their children sought ways to revive them becoming creators themselves. And in the Abyss another people came to be without any creator.


-Spawned in the Abyss, Abyssals can look a bit mismatched and generally have long, jet black fractures in their skin that sometimes have a purple glow. Given that the Abyss is vast and Abyssals are quite rare no one has ever seen one spawn in, so there are many theories about their origins. Some say that they are the remnants of corrupted players that were slain that either coalesced into a new being on their own or were put together by the Dark in some twisted mockery of the Dragons' creations. No one knows the truth for sure. They are entirely immune to corruption and cold damage, but tend to be weak to bright light and heat. While they have many strengths they also have half the starting number of lives as every other species. They're the only species not to have any direct connection to the Dragons.

Dragon Kin

-A particular group of Apostles believe the only way to end the corruption forever is to summon the spirit of a dragon to that end they've been pooling their magic. Their efforts created the first Dragon Kin, not true dragons but rather something like descendants of them. They tend to spawn in areas of highly concentrated and abundant dragon magic, occasionally they are purposefully summoned as the cult continues to try and resurrect the dragons. They can have any range of dragon-traits, from just horns, wings, and a tail, to looking almost entirely like a bipedal dragon, but they are unmistakably Dragon Kin.

Elemental Kinds

-The Dragons' second attempts to create something to guard the World when they realized that they were dying out. Initially created when the Dragons breathed life into their own fire, they've since diversified greatly and now there are even subspecies the blanket Earth, Air, Water, and Fire Elemental Kinds. They are an extremely diverse group and their Elemental heritage manifests in their appearance in too wide a variety of eccentric ways to ever be fully described. It can be as subtle as blue eyes of a Water Elemental Kind or as striking as a Plant Elemental Kind's skin being made of bark and their hair of flowers.


-The first of the Dragons' children, they were made when the Dragons realized that their numbers were dwindling and they rushed to create something, anything, that could take their place. Something that would resist corruption by the Dark and protect the Worlds in their absence. Humans are more resistant to corruption than the average beast or Nymph that populate the world otherwise, but not nearly as resistant as the Dragons were. For their weaknesses though Humans were adaptable and though the Dragons kept trying for something entirely resistant to corruption, they still granted their first children great powers. Humans are the only species able to multi-class from level one and are more likely to be Threadtracers than any other species. They have a wider range of hair and eye color than real humans but are otherwise precisely what you'd expect.

Wild Folk

-The last of the Dragons' children, in a last ditch effort they merged beasts and humans creating the Wild Folk. They share a lot in common with Elemental Kinds, except they're even more diverse. There are three main varieties of Wild Folk: Beast, Reptile, and Bird. Each has their own subtypes and degree of animal traits. At minimum they have the most recognizable trait of an animal, however they're never more than 50% animal traits. Reptile Wild Folk frequently get mistaken for Dragon Kin and find it very annoying.