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-Inheritors of the power of the dragons, Apostles can burn away corruption from a body or from the land itself. They're both a support and offensive class, using 'holy fire' to fight or heal depending on the situation. Typically don't use weapons, prefer polearms when they do. Light weight armor generally.

Beast Tamer

-Capable of either taming or full on controlling the animals of the universe, Beast Tamers can call upon these creatures for assistance in anything from battle to everyday tasks. Every creature they tame is bonded to them and can be summoned anywhere at anytime. They can also exert some temporary control over corrupted beasts, but this puts them in danger of becoming corrupted in the process. Ranged weapons, polearms, and light-weight blades preferred. Can wear any armor type.


-Brawlers channel pure fighting spirit to defeat their opponents. A purely offensive class, Brawlers do not use weapons and only wear light armor. Pretty standard.


-The voice of an Enchanter can have a magical effect when they want it to. A support class, Enchanters are very convincing, a skill they typically use to encourage their comrades-in-arms to victory. Some say that high level Enchanters can even convince stones to give water, this has never been proven though. They do however prove to be very good diplomats. Enchanters tend to use area-of-effect or ranged weaponry and light armor.


-Slayers of beasts, Hunters are excellent tacticians and trackers who won't stop until they've captured their prey. Persistence is their greatest asset. Hunters are an offensive and stealth class. They make amazing strategists and scouts. They exclusively use ranged weapons and light bladed weapons. Light armor preferred.


-The ultimate defenders of their Worlds, Knights level their enemies with skill and precision. Able to deal out the most physical damage of any class. Tend towards heavy weapons and armor, but can use any kind of equipment.