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-Moth-like humanoid creatures, sometimes called 'Servants of the Worlds'. They live under a very 'if you build it they will come' style, they don't seem to exist in a World until things are built in it and then they simply appear wherever Players are. If they're poorly treated they will leave and it's not possible to contain them, but they like to be helpful and if treated kindly they'll happily help build things or just keep things tidy. Aside from their teleportation/escape abilities Nymphs are pretty harmless and really quite helpless to protect themselves.

Corrupted - Imps: Extremely common as Nymphs seem to be a favorite target for monsters and the dark, they usually have to be put down quickly or else they will spread the corruption to any other Nymph they can get hold of and while they're barely a nuisance on their own, swarms of them are a real threat.



A large creature that looks a bit like a tiger/wolf hybrid that's the size of a horse.


Chicken Lizards!

Subspecies - Arctic Basilisk: Furry Chicken Lizards!