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The first World formed in the Endless Abyss and on this world the Beasts took their first shaky steps under the watchful eyes of the Dragons. Worlds rose in peace and safety. Until the Dark came. It seeped in under the cover of night and unseen it twisted the creations of the Worlds into monstrous things. The Dragons soon discovered this and drove out the Dark, but the damage was done and every new World that came to be from that day on carried corruption that twisted the creatures it created into horrible monsters. The Dragons fought to protect the Worlds from this corruption, but in time their numbers began to dwindle, many lost to battle and corruption until at last those that remained realized that soon there would be no more Dragons to protect the Worlds. To carry on after them they used their power to create people, those who could resist the corruption better than the Beasts of the Worlds. Though they were unable to create any who were entirely immune to corruption before they died out the Humans, Wild Folk, and Elementals were able to find ways to further defend against the Dark. They found cures and preventions, though even this could not entirely stop the corruption, life was able to find balance and a kind of peace. Time passed.


That from which all life springs. Worlds are vast planets each with their own sun and moon that float in the Endless Abyss. They just pop into existence from time to time, there doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to it. Certain Players can communicate with them on some level, but they aren't really thinking things, more like computers. If the chosen Players know the right tricks they can convince a World to do just about whatever they like short of interfering with other Players as Players aren't really of the Worlds and thus they have little influence over them beyond acceptance or rejection. Each World holds the Memory of everything that enters its sphere of influence which allows for things like respawning, however because their connection to Players isn't as strong the Memory of them degrades with each time they die. The number of times someone can die before the Memory of them is too degraded to recover vary based on species and class and are called Chances. Memory is shared between worlds as well so it's not possible to go to a new World and suddenly have fully replenished Chances. Such information is sent via the Threads, largely invisible and intangeable cables that run between the worlds. Much of how all this works is still mysterious, indeed there is much about the Worlds that remain a mystery. The full extent of their capabilities, their connection to the Abyss and each other, and even what lies at the center of each of them, rumor has it that if a Player were to break through to the center of a World they would find all the answers only to be destroyed by them. (Basically the Worlds are Old Ones)


Threads are the weblike filaments that connect the Worlds allowing information to travel between them uncorrupted by the Dark. They are invisible to most people and can be easily passed through if not touched with intention. Threadtracers are the only people who can see them and they say that the Threads look like spider webs made of soot, they can be any size from as thin as a hair to as thick as a redwood tree. Players can use Threads to travel between Worlds, usually via being guided by Threadtracers, but those who know how to feel out the Threads can use them to find their way, at a much greater risk to themselves unfortunately. Threadtracers naturally magnetize to Threads and can walk along them if they like. For everyone else there is nothing like gravity in the Abyss so they have to hold on tightly to whatever Thread they can find.



The Abyss and The Dark